industrial league guidelines

Industrial League Guidelines for 2020-2021

  1. The Industrial League will ‘enjoy’ some adaptations due to the social distancing constraints of the clubs COVID-19 “Return to Play” plan.
  2. The Industrial League will be played over two nights this year to eliminate the late draw on Wednesday night.  We will have staggared start times on Wednesday and Thursday nights;  Sheet 3 will start first at 7:00 PM, Sheet 2 will start next at 7:10 PM with Sheet 1 starting last at 7:20 PM.
  3. Don’t come to the club earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of your draw.
  4. All curlers are to enter the ice shed through Ice 1 door and exit the shed through the Ice 3 door.
  5. You will not be required to wear a facemask in the ice shed while curling according to the current Nova Scotia Public Health Orders, however it is recommended that you wear one.
  6. You are encouraged to bring your own equipment. Club owned equipment will be available for you to use, but you will be responsible for sanitizing it before and after use.
  7. Hammer will be predetermined on the schedule. Hammer teams have red stones.
  8. At the start of the game, the hammer team will proceed to the ice, the hammer lead will sanitize all stones on the sheet then go to the far end of the rink for their practice slides. Non-hammer teams will then enter the ice shed and complete their warm up at the home end.
  9. To disinfect the stones the lead of the hammer team will use one disinfectant sheet to wipe the stone handles and dispose of the used sheet in the garbage.
  10. No hand shaking before or after the game.
  11. Designate one person per game to mark the score for both teams. That person will sanitize the numbers before and after the game using the same method as cleaning the stones.
  12. Please stand on the designated spots on your sheet of ice when the opposing team is throwing their stones. This helps us maintain physical distancing when on the ice.
  13. We will not be using the rock measuring stick at this time. Mates will have to make the decision.
  14. The five (5) rock rule is in effect.
  15. A draw to the button after a tie game will be used to declare the winner.  Take your rock to the scoreboard end and throw toward the glass.
  16. Team dues this year will be $80.00 per team.
  17. If you cancel a game, and we have all needed to do it at one time or another, it has to be rescheduled within two weeks.  If you are short a player there are two teams with byes each week as well as the other six teams that will be playing on the alternate night to draw from.
  18. If you need to pick up a spare they must play in the lead position.
  19. If we have to cancel all the games due to weather on a League night we will not make up the games unless that happens more than twice.  We are already playing league games on three Saturdays this year.